Project Fjord is a commercial-scale Power-to-X project located in Aalborg, Denmark intending to produce eSAF and eNaptha. The project will utilise renewable electricity to produce green hydrogen and combine it with CO2 captured from the local waste incineration, Nordvaerk, in Aalborg to produce eSAF and eNaptha. eSAF can be blended with traditional jet fuel, at blending rates of ~50% enabling decarbonising of the aviation segment. With only limited modifications of the airplane tanks, flights could be 100% powered with eSAF in the near term. eNaptha has various applications in the chemical sector, in particular in the production of plastics.
An image taken inside a windmill from above, with several workers on groundlevel working on maintenance.


The Murchison plot, spanning an area of 126,000 hectares, presents a remarkable opportunity for the development of a significant renewable energy endeavour encompassing both wind and solar power. With a projected capacity of 6GW, along with 3GW of electrolysis capability, this venture facilitates the conversion of electricity into hydrogen gas, which can be transported and exported. Situated in western Australia, approximately 600 km away from Perth, this project holds tremendous potential for sustainable energy generation and innovation.
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St Charles

St. Charles is a large-scale blue ammonia project located at the lower side of the Mississippi River with production capacity up to 3 mtpa. The blue ammonia from St. Charles is expected to be produced at prices on par with grey ammonia due to the US tax provisions included in the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act and achieve ~90% CO2e emission reduction compared to grey ammonia, making it instrumental in the short to mid-term energy transition. The project is expected to reach Financial Close early 2024 and be operational by 2027.


Catalina is a large-scale green hydrogen project developed in Aragón, Spain. The project will produce green hydrogen through a 500 MW electrolyser sourcing renewable electricity from own 1,1 GW onshore wind and solar PV. Catalina will pave the way for the development of the European hydrogen economy by providing green hydrogen to industry offtakers through innovative infrastructure. At local and industry level Catalina will support job creation and the development of a strong renewable hydrogen supply chain.
HNH Energy WTG

HNH Energy

HNH Energy is a large-scale green hydrogen and ammonia project under development in the Magallanes region, Chile – one of the windiest regions worldwide and approximately a thousand kilometers north of Antarctica. 3.5GW wind capacity allocated on 45.000 ha land delivers sufficient power to produce 1,4 million tons of green ammonia per year. HNH Energy, a pioneer in the Magallanes region, will contribute to a greener world, helping with the decarbonization of the economy and preparing at the same time the grounds for a prospering regional development such as job creation, opportunities for local businesses and a vibrant and active economy.