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Enabling high-performing renewables while shaping a more sustainable future, requires exceptional individuals. Currently, we are a team of more than 400 passionate, collaborative, entrepreneurial and disciplined energy visionaries.

The foundation of our culture, values, and work methodology is deeply rooted in the industrial and leadership backgrounds of our team. With a diverse range of expertise, our employees possess a unique blend of financial acumen, regulatory knowledge, legal proficiency, technical skills, and extensive experience in crucial areas such as M&A, project financing, project development, construction management, and operational management.

This combination of critical skills and in-depth experience equips us with the necessary capabilities to successfully invest in, execute, and manage large-scale and complex energy infrastructure projects. Our team's knowledge and expertise ensures a well-rounded approach to project management, allowing us to navigate the intricacies of the industry, and drive sustainable outcomes in a highly effective manner.

CISC Fundamentals

CISC possesses the capacity to actively contribute to the advancement of the green transition and plays a significant role in addressing the climate crisis. This position has been achieved, in part, due to our Fundamentals, that we share with CIP.  

The CISC Fundamentals embody our essence, define our approach, and shape the delivery of our core offerings. They serve as vital components of the CISC culture, providing us with a competitive advantage and reflecting the essence of our organisation. These Fundamentals have played a pivotal role in positioning CIP as one of the leading fund managers committed to renewable energy today.

CISC FUNDAMENTALS Result-oriented: We are result-oriented and continue until things are done. Entrepreneurship: We are industrial pioneers with an entrepreneurial mindset. Relationship & solution-oriented: We build trust-based relationships with a solution-oriented approach. Cross-functional teams: We work in teams where complementary skillsets enable fast and robust decision-making. Investor alignment: We make long-term commitments in alignment with investors. Diligence: We work thoroughly and diligently.
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Joining CISC offers a unique chance to contribute to the acceleration of the green energy transition while embarking on a journey of continuous learning, exploration, and personal growth. We value collaborative, entrepreneurial, and disciplined individuals who align with our investment approach. As a result, we invest significant time in recruiting the right talent, ensuring that we bring on board individuals who embody these qualities. At CISC, you will have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the renewable energy sector while fostering your professional development in a dynamic and supportive environment.